Taste the Pomegranate at Pinkberry

Posted on 10 December, 2008  in Press

Taste the Pomegranate at Pinkberry
By Max Shrem

Ah, the pomegranate choices at Pinkberry… Should I have pomegranate booster over plain frozen yogurt or pomegranate flavored yogurt?

About a month ago, Pinkberry launched their new holiday-inspired flavor: pomegranate. Unlike most flavored frozen yogurt, this one tastes like real yogurt mixed with fresh pieces of pomegranates. The bitterness usually associated with pomegranates is subtle and the sweetness not too overwhelming. After being “in-the-works” for 12 months, pomegranate was launched using 100 percent California pomegranate juice.

Stay healthy this holiday season by consuming Pinkberry’s frozen pomegranate yogurt loaded with antioxidants. Pinkberry is also offering a pomegranate booster that’s still in development. So, they’re not advertising it yet at their stores, but you can ask for one as a topping. Actually, I enjoyed a shot of the pomegranate booster as a topping over their plain flavor more than the pomegranate flavor. I was blown away by the booster’s unique syrupy consistency that reminded me of a watered-down balsamic reduction.