Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt Blood Orange

Seasonal | Blood Orange

Pinkberry brings back a Groupie favorite – Blood Orange. With a uniquely bright and citrusy taste, Blood Orange Pinkberry features crisp, complex notes and a refreshing, bittersweet finish. Top it with succulent blood orange pieces, fresh blood orange purée and a crisp waffle cookie — and you’re sure to find swirly perfection. And now there are two ways to enjoy! Enjoy Blood Orange Pinkberry on its own or create a new flavor Twist by swirling Blood Orange & Original together – it’ll taste just like Orange Cream.

Pinkberry Mango

With their deep ruby red color, distinct flavor and limited availability, blood oranges are considered the “upscale” orange, often served in the finest restaurants and found in savory dishes and deserts alike. Blood oranges are an excellent source of Vitamin C.

Suggested Pairings

Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt Blood Orange

blood orange pieces, blood orange purée, waffle cookie