The Pinkcard FAQs

You've got questions. We've got answers! To help you out with all your Pinkcard inquiries, below is a list of the most frequently asked questions. Have a question that hasnlt been answered below? No worries! Just send an email to and we'll happily answer any question you have.

  • Pinkcard

    • What is a Pinkcard?

      The Pinkcard is Pinkberry's new loyalty and gifting program for all of our loyal fans. A one-stop-shop for all your Pinkberry needs, it's how Pinkberry loves you back. Just download the Pinkberry mobile app to start getting all the benefits and exclusives. If you don't have a smart phone, you can also pick up a physical card in store and register it online to enjoy the love.

    • How do I get a Pinkcard?

      There are two ways to enjoy all the rewards. You can download the Pinkcard mobile app on Android or iPhone. No smartphone? No problem. Just visit your local Pinkberry store for a Pinkcard, ask a team member to activate the card and register it on

      *Airport, university and locations outside of the United States do not participate in the Pinkcard program.

    • Why do I have to register?

      Registration allows Pinkberry to tailor benefits directly for you. As a registered member, you can choose to receive special offers and promotions via email, such as being alerted when and where your favorite flavors are swirling. Pinkcard registration is also required to redeem the lovely rewards we have for you too (like a free small yogurt with toppings after every 10th purchase and another one for your birthday!). It also allows you to keep track of your account activity, and in the event that your Pinkcard is lost or stolen we can make sure you get a new one.

    • What's the difference between registering for the Pinkcard online or on my phone vs. buying a card in-store?

      The Pinkcard is our loyalty program that you can join by downloading the mobile app for Android and iPhone, or by picking up a physical card in store and registering it on You can also buy a Pinkcard in store, online or through the Pinkberry mobile app and gift Pinkberry to friends and family.

    • What are the benefits of being a Pinkcard holder and how do I earn them?

      These benefits include a free small yogurt with toppings after every 10th purchase, and another on your birthday. For a full list of benefits, please visit our Program Overview page.

    • Do my Pinkcard rewards ever expire?

      You have 30 days to enjoy your 11th free reward and 7 days to enjoy your Birthday reward.

    • What do I need to do to receive emails that include discounts and rewards?

      If you download the Pinkberry app and register your details, you'll be asked for your email address, favorite store, flavor and zip code so we can send you discounts and rewards. If you pick up a physical card in store, you need to register it on and provide us with the same information during the registration process.

    • Do I need a physical Pinkcard in order to register online?

      Yes. All you have to do is grab a Pinkcard activate it in store and register it online to get started.

    • Where can I check my balance if I don't have a physical Pinkcard?

      You can always find your account balance in the Pinkberry mobile app. Simply go to the Pinkcard tab within the app and voila! You can also view your account balance at Just sign in and go to the Account Balance section.

    • Can I transfer my paper punch card points to my Pinkcard? How do I do that?

      Paper punch card points cannot be transferred onto your Pinkcard account. Instead of worrying about all those almost-completed punch cards, we're giving everyone that joins the Pinkcard one card with more ways to earn and redeem rewards.

    • How can I earn rewards for my purchase if I forgot my phone?

      All you have to do is let the team member know your name and phone number your Pinkcard is registered with, and you're all set.

    • Does it cost anything to become a Pinkcard member?

      Nope! Membership is free.

    • Can my friends use my Pinkcard membership?

      Nope. But they can sign up for their own account and receive all the benefits of the Pinkcard.

    • Do I earn anything for call-in, online and delivery orders?

      If you're calling to place a delivery, you can earn rewards! Once you place your order, provide the phone number that you used to register for the Pinkcard to the team member. They will then be able to look you up and apply the purchase to your Pinkcard. We don't offer rewards for online orders, but we are planning to do so in the very near future!

    • Can I use my Pinkcard at any Pinkberry location?

      Everywhere except airports, university and locations outside the US.

  • Gift Card

    • Where can I get a Pinkberry gift card?

      You can purchase a physical gift card in store. You can also purchase and send eGifts same day to friends and family through our mobile app and on

    • If I have added dollar value to my gift card, can I still use it even though my card is not registered?

      Yes, you can still use your gift card to pay for Pinkberry. You can also register your gift card on or through the Pinkberry mobile app and join the Pinkcard program! For a full list of the Pinkcard benefits, please visit our Program Overview page.

    • I purchased a gift card for someone. Can they use that to become a Pinkcard member?

      Yes! All they need to do is register the gift card number online or alternatively, download the Pinkberry mobile app.

    • I purchased a gift card for someone. Can they add that money to their own Pinkcard account?

      No, not yet, but that feature is coming in 2013.

    • Where can I check my gift-card balance?

      On Just enter the card number found on the back of the card to check your balance.

    • Can my friends use my Pinkcard gift card?

      Yes, but not if it's registered under your name.

    • What happens if I lose my gift card?

      It's important to register your gift card so we can stop anyone from using it, should it be lost. That way we can transfer your account to a new card. If you haven't registered your gift card and happen to lose it then please contact us at

    • Do I receive any benefits or rewards for buying a gift card?

      Not at the time, but stay tuned for special rewards around the holidays! Currently, rewards are earned by purchasing yogurt products, and of course becoming a Pinkcard member!

    • Can I use my Pinkberry gift card at any Pinkberry location?

      Everywhere except airport, university and locations outside of the US.

  • My Account

    • I forgot my username or password for my Pinkcard account. What do I do?

      It happens to the best of us! Just click the forgot username and password link online, and follow the instructions to create a new one.

    • Who should I contact if I have problems with my gift card or Pinkcard program?

    • After I register my Pinkcard, what do you do with my information?

      All we do is send love your way! We don't sell your information to 3rd parties or spam you. You only get the good stuff: freebies, exclusives and news!

    • Can I participate if I don't have a US address?

      Certainly! However, the Pinkcard is only valid in the US.

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