On-Air with Ryan Seacrest

Posted on 16 May, 2007  in Press

On-Air with Ryan Seacrest

Ryan: Manny on the Streets live in Studio City with free, cold, frozen yogurt. Where are you bro?

Manny: Right here at the Pinkberry store. 12044 ½ Ventura Boulevard, corner of Ventura and Laurel Canyon. And if you want, Ryan’s buying Pinkberry for the first fifty people coming down, and if you’ve never tried it, just like myself, we’re going to try it together and have a kumbaya right here at the Pinkberry store. Corner of Ventura and Laurel Canyon, come on down! Manny on the streets and you’re on-air with Ryan Seacrest on 102.7 KIIS FM.

Ryan: I mean really there’s something in this stuff that makes you wake up in the middle of the night and want it. So when we come back with you, Manny, I want to speak to somebody who runs the shop.

Manny: I will put them on for you, so we can get down to the bottom of this.

Ryan: We’re live at the Pinkberry store, the frozen yogurt store in Studio City, and there are 16 locations…and these are becoming very popular. People will wait in line just to have this frozen yogurt. So what’s the hook, and why are people becoming addicted to this yogurt?

Do you remember when frozen yogurt first came out, like, ‘This can’t be yogurt,’ there’s a company called TCBY, I think it was, right? And it was quite the thing. This is now the new, very, very popular destination for people who want something to treat themselves, but it’s apparently healthy. Manny on the Streets, you’re giving away free Pinkberry this morning in Studio City, huh?

Manny: We are, and we are live in Studio City! (Cheers in background) Everyone’s getting their free Pinkberry over here, of course you can get the plain, or the green tea, and you can put a whole bunch of toppings on top. I have Heather Wilson, hold on.

Ryan: Heather, we’re still trying to crack you here. I know people who are addicted to this. What is in this that causes an addiction?

Heather: [Laughs] Well, I think it’s just the flavor, there’s nothing in it that’s not wholesome and fresh. It’s made with non-fat yogurt, and non-fat milk, I think it’s just the flavor.

Ryan: And you only have two flavors—there’s plain and green tea, right?

Heather: Exactly.

Ryan: How come not more choices?

Heather: I think they found a hit, and they’re sticking with it.

Ryan: And this is low in calories, no fat at all. We should remind, that this is not an advertisement; this is us strictly being curious.

Ellen K: They’re saying that you can’t call it frozen yogurt, because frozen yogurt has to be frozen—shipped frozen—and you make yours fresh on site, right?

Heather: Right. The state has rules on how things are made, and we’ve actually been working with the state to resolve these issues.

Ellen K: Well they’re ticked off.

Ryan: Well the state has a lot bigger issues than our yogurt.

Ellen K: [Laughs] Well yeah, they do, I would say they do, but still, this is an issue.

Heather: It’s an issue, and we’ve been working with them, and we believe that it does meet the requirements of frozen yogurt. We’ve been working diligently with the state to solve the issue.

Ryan: Will the state shut you down?

Heather: No, we don’t believe so. We’ve been working with them to deal with the issue.

Ryan: Because I saw an article in the [LA] Times or something about it.

Ellen K: They won’t take your name away, will they?

Heather: Well we certainly hope not! We’ve been working with them, and as I said, it’s made with yogurt and milk, and is wholesome and healthy.

Ryan: Well, if you do have to change names, Dingles is always available.