Yahoo Health: Rejoice, dairy-avoiders!

Posted on 1 May, 2015  in Press, Press

Rejoice, dairy-avoiders! Pinkberry is adding dairy-free soft-serve to its roster. The international frozen yogurt chain is rolling out a handful of fruity options, starting with Tropical Mango, available nationally from now through the end of June (though it may come on full-time if it’s a hit). The frozen dessert is a blend of fruit, fruit juice, water, and natural flavors, and contains no added sugar.

Pinkberry recently celebrated 10 years of frozen goodness, but Tropical Mango is the first of over two dozen rotating flavors to nix the dairy. While other fro-yo chains have vegan options, most are soy-based and almost all have added sugar. Could this be a step towards easily-accessible healthier dessert options? Fingers crossed.