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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What is a PinkCard®

    A: A Pinkcard is a Pinkberry Gift and Rewards card available in Pinkberry stores only. Pinkcards are reloadable gift cards and reward cards available to all customers.

  • Q: Where can I get a Pinkberry gift card?

    A: You can purchase a physical gift card (Pinkcard®) in store. You can also purchase gift cards or send eGifts same day to friends and family through our mobile app and on Pinkberry gift cards are also available in some retailers. Pinkberry gift cards sold in retail locations are gift cards only, and do not collect points like our in-store rewards cards.

  • Q: Where can I check my gift card balance?

    A: Go to and click on the Gifting section. Then, click on the “Check my Balance” tab. Enter the card number found on the back of the gift card to check your balance.

  • Q: If I have added dollar value to my gift card, can I still use it even though my card is not registered?

    A: Yes, you can use your gift card to pay for Pinkberry and reload more value. However, you won’t be able to use the points accruing on your card until it is registered. You can register your gift card by clicking here download the Pinkberry mobile app.

  • Q: I purchased a gift card for someone. Can they use that to become a Pinkcard member?

    A: Yes! If you purchased the gift card in store or through our site, all they need to do is register the gift card on and click the Manage Account tab or alternatively, download the Pinkberry mobile app. Remember, Pinkberry gift cards sold in retail locations are gift cards only, and do not collect points like our Pinkcards. But don’t fret – Download the Pinkcard mobile app on Android or iPhone or visit your local Pinkberry store and ask a team member to activate a Pinkcard and register it on

  • Q: I purchased a gift card for someone. Can they add that money to their own Pinkcard account?

    A: Yes, Pinkberry gift cards purchased at our stores (Pinkcards) or through our website are reloadable. The easiest way to reload a card is to download the app and click on the card section of the app. Then click Manage Card. After that, click Combine Balance and enter the card and registration number on the back of the gift card. Then click Confirm in the upper right hand corner and the amount will be added to the current Pinkcard. Gift Cards purchased at a retail location are not reloadable and cannot be combined with Pinkcards.

  • Q: Can Bonus Cards be combined with any other account?

    A: Bonus Cards are not eligible to be combined with any other account, such as the App or Rewards Card.

  • Q: Can my friends use my Pinkcard gift card?

    A: Yes, but not if it’s registered under your name.

  • Q: What happens if I lose my gift card?

    A: It’s important to register your Pinkcard so we can stop anyone from using it, should it be lost – That way we can transfer your account to a new card. If you haven’t registered your gift card and happen to lose it then please contact us at Treat your gift card like you would cash; the value of the lost or stolen card is non-refundable.

  • Q: Do I receive any benefits or rewards for buying a gift card?

    A: Currently, rewards are earned by purchasing yogurt products, and of course becoming a Pinkcard member! You must register your card to receive rewards.

  • Q: Can I use my Pinkberry gift card at any Pinkberry location in the United States?

    A: Most, but not all, locations accept gift cards. For example, airport and university locations generally do not accept gift cards. Please check in with your local store to confirm its participation.

  • Q: Can I collect points on a gift card purchased from a retail store?

    A: Pinkberry gift cards sold in retail locations are gift cards only, and do not accrue points like our Pinkcards. However, you can collect points on your Pinkcard for purchases made with these gift cards. Make sure to have your Pinkcard ready and inform our team when you check out.

  • Q: Are there set denominations for gift cards

    A: In store gift cards can be loaded with up to $100. When purchasing Gift Cards and eGifts online, you may choose any value from $10 to $50.

  • Q: Do Pinkberry gift cards expire?

    A: No, Pinkberry Gift Cards never expire with the exception of Promotional Bonus Cards.

  • Q: Does Pinkberry charge a service fee for unused balances?

    A: No. There is no service fee charge for unused balances on your Pinkberry gift card.

  • Q: How can I purchase gift cards in bulk?

    A: Companies, organizations & individuals can purchase Pinkberry gift cards in bulk by registering for an account on our corporate gift card portal.

  • Q: What is an Egift Card?

    A: An eGift is an electronic gift card that can be sent to a mobile device or email address.

  • Q: How can I tell if I have a Pinkcard or a Pinkberry gift card?

    A: We have created different artwork for the Pinkberry Gift cards available through retail locations. Our retail cards feature a dollar amount in the upper right or left hand of the card.