Oprah Winfrey Party After Discontinued Flavor

Check out what's new with Pinkberry! Oprah Winfrey wasn’t too happy when she learned Pinkberry had discontinued her favorite flavor, Meyer Lemon. But being Oprah Winfrey, a single tweet was enough to bring it back. Pinkberry created a Queen Sugar-themed topping for the party, mixing our very own Meyer Lemon frozen yogurt with a brown sugar cinnamon crumble. Click here to see the amazing party and exciting details.

About Pinkberry

Pinkberry® launched in Los Angeles, CA in 2005 as the original brand that reinvented frozen yogurt. Today, over a decade later, Pinkberry continues to create great tasting treats with fresh ingredients in an experience comprised of distinctive product, outstanding service and inspirational design. At Pinkberry you can taste the difference of an uncompromising commitment to quality and freshness. Most recently, Pinkberry was acquired by Scottsdale, Arizona-based Kahala Brands™, one of the fastest growing franchising companies in the world with a portfolio of 22 quick-service restaurant brands and approximately 2900 locations in 28 countries.

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